Our forests in the United States provide exceptional opportunities for outdoor adventure. Whether your passion is hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, cycling or just connecting with nature, we have a venue to match your interest.

Our ownership includes spectacular lakes and hardwood forests in the Northeast, diverse Southern pine forests spanning from Virginia to Texas, and remote, rugged mountains and scenic rivers in the Pacific Northwest. Abundant game and non-game wildlife species thrive in our sustainably-managed forests amid fresh air, clean water and tranquil scenery. Our long-standing commitments to environmental stewardship and sustainability ensure these forests and their animals will endure for future generations to enjoy. 

At Weyerhaeuser, we are proud to connect people with access to everything nature has to offer. To learn more about our managed access programs, visit the Our Programs page.

News and Updates

Visit the News and Updates page for important announcements related to recreation in our working forests.

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Our leases provide you with exclusive recreational access to a specific property, usually including the ability to set up campsites, plant food plots and configure hunts.

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Permits allow access to much larger acreages and wider-scale opportunities than leases while sharing the property with a limited number of users.

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