Hunters with state-approved disabled hunter permits will still need to purchase a Weyerhaeuser Recreational Access Permit to enter the permit area.

If the disabled hunter requires a companion hunter to assist them in the stalking, shooting, tracking, retrieving, or tagging of game birds and game animals, the companion hunter is not required to purchase a recreational access permit. The permit holder as well as the companion hunter will need to complete and sign the liability waiver. If the companion hunter wants to hunt his/her own tag they must purchase their own recreational access permit. The disabled hunter/permit holder will need to complete the disabled hunter companion waiver form and email to the specific permit area after Aug. 1 for final approval of the companion hunter waiver. Issuing the liability waiver will be handled entirely by email or fax.

Please submit the following paperwork to for approval prior to bringing your companion hunter into the recreational permit area.

  • Permit holder: A copy of your driver’s license, state hunting license and your companion card.
  • Companion(s): A copy of your companion’s driver’s license and state hunting license if you live in Washington State. Although we do not allow the companion to hunt, Washington state requires the companion to carry a valid state hunting license. In Oregon the companion is not required to have a state hunting license.
  • A complete dual-signed copy of the disabled hunter companion waiver form. After receipt of all documents, we will sign it and return it to you.
  • Carry the completed disabled hunter companion waiver with you while out in the recreational permit area.

Download the Disabled Hunter Companion Waiver

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