Do you have a question about your permit? Take a look at this page to see if the answer is covered here.

A Weyerhaeuser recreational permit grants to permittee the right to recreate on Weyerhaeuser property within the identified permit area. Each permit area is shown on our website by clicking the Find a Permit link. The permit area is non-exclusive. There will be other permittees in the permit area at any time. Each permit area has a set price and a limited number of available permits in order to provide a more secluded experience and to improve the quality of your recreation experience.

A motorized recreational access permit allows a permittee to enter the permit area with one licensed vehicle. Motorized recreational access Permits come with a key to the recreation lock on each of the designated recreation access point gates. Access into the permit area is through these designated gates only. These access gates are designated on our website map as well as the provided permit map. Do not use any other gate, even if it is open. Motorized recreational access permits also include camping and firewood.

When you buy a motorized recreational access permit you will be mailed a packet which includes; a welcome letter, a key, a vehicle hang tag and a map. Permit materials will be mailed out in early July. If you purchase your permit before July 15, you will receive the key packet before Aug. 1. Purchases after that date will take up to two weeks for processing and mailing. Contacting the permit area office by email or phone will not expedite your permit mailing.

It is your responsibility to print the recreation access single page permit agreement direct from your Weyerhaeuser My Account under the Permit Documents section. Each permit holder must carry the recreation access single page permit with you in the permit area.

A motorized premium permit allows each permittee to bring one vehicle and one UTV machine into the designated permit area. Each permit area has UTV provisions that can be found in the supporting documentation of the permit. UTVs must meet the following specifications for use with the motorized premium permit:

  • Hard Top - Rollover Protection
  • Windshield or Eye Protection
  • Four Wheels
  • Steering Wheel
  • Non-Straddle Seating
  • Safety Restraints
  • Headlights and Taillights
  • Spark Arrestor

A person holding a non-motorized Permit may enter the permit area with any type of non-motorized method, i.e. horseback, bicycle, walking. Non-motorized permit holders cannot ride in a vehicle within the permit area. Non-motorized permits are valid for day use only with entry 1.5 hours before sunrise to 1.5 hours after sunset. Non-motorized permits do not include firewood or camping privileges.

Non-motorized permittees may access the permit area from any gate or area with legal access. If parking at a gate, do not block gates. Vehicles blocking gates will be towed at owner’s expense. Non-motorized permit holders are also required to supply vehicle information when purchasing a permit.

Non-motorized permit holders must print all permit documents direct from your Weyerhaeuser My Account under the Permit Documents section. Weyerhaeuser does not mail anything to our non-motorized permit holders. Each non-motorized permit holder must carry the recreation access single page permit with you in the permit area and place the vehicle placard on your dash on the driver's side, so it is readable from the outside when your vehicle is parked outside the permit area.

To access your recreation access permit and release of liability, recreation access single page watermark permit or the geo-referenced permit maps, you must log into your Weyerhaeuser My Account.

It is your responsibility to print the recreation access single page permit agreement direct from your Weyerhaeuser My Account under the Permit Documents section. Each permit holder must carry the recreation access single page permit with you in the permit area.

Each motorized permittee may purchase one 2-day guest pass. Guest passes can be purchased by logging into you Weyerhaeuser Recreation My Account and clicking the green Guest Pass button to start the purchase process. You will need to reprint your recreation access single page permit after your guest pass purchase.

This permit may be used only by the permittee, his or her legally married spouse, registered domestic partner (legally married and domestic partners are hereinafter and hereinbefore called “spouse”), and up to four (4) related children per adult 19 years of age and under through the permit term. No other persons are covered or authorized to enter the permit area with the permittee.

No. Since we are currently operating a permit season, we do not allow potential permit holders to enter the permit areas. Please review the interactive map located on our website to review the permit area. You can change the map views from topographic to aerial to get a visual of the permit area.

Access is allowed from 1.5 hours before sunrise to 1.5 hours after sunset. Driving around the permit area after dark is prohibited. Hunting at night is prohibited. The permit area is not open to hunting at night year-round regardless of open season posted in the hunting regulations. Consult the state hunting regulations for posted start and end times.

Non-motorized use areas are designated areas where vehicles are not allowed. Entry is only by walk-in, bicycle, horseback, etc. Any permittee found in a motorized vehicle in the designated non-motorized areas may have their permit revoked. Electric assisted bicycles are not allowed in the designated non-motorized areas.

The permit and lease areas are unimproved timberland used primarily for the growing and harvesting of timber and other forest products. Areas where active logging, road construction, or other commercial operations or forest management are underway are strictly off-limits and must always be avoided by permittee, whether such areas are signed or not. Entry into any active forestry area may result in permit termination.


Many people work in our forests, please follow good hunting ethics when shooting. Be alert and watch for logging and forest management traffic, these vehicles always have the right of way. Avoid driving roads with active hauling. Always drive with your headlights on and be prepared to yield to forestry traffic.


One vehicle is allowed in the permit area at a time with your permit purchase, but a permittee may register up to two vehicles to be associated with their permit. Vehicle information can be edited at any time within your Weyerhaeuser My Account. Log in to your recreation account and click the Edit Contact Information and start editing your vehicle information. Remember to scroll down and save your new information. It is important for each permittee to keep their vehicle information current. If you change any of your vehicle information you will need to re-print your recreation access single page permit. Non-motorized permit holders are also required to supply vehicle information when purchasing a permit.

Electric assisted bicycle use is only allowed if you purchased a motorized permit. Electric assisted bicycles are NOT allowed in any of the designated non-motorized areas scattered throughout our Recreational permit areas. If you purchased a non-motorized permit Electric assisted bicycles are not allowed.

  • Obey all signs and do not enter active work areas.
  • Access is allowed 7 days a week from 1 ½ hours before official sunrise to 1 ½ hours after official sunset.
  • No overnight camping.
  • No campfires.
  • No firewood cutting.
  • Smoking is not allowed outside of vehicles.
  • Fireworks are prohibited.
  • Motorized vehicles are required to be licensed and street legal with a properly functioning exhaust. Vehicles must stay on rocked roads.
  • No ATVs, ORVs, side by sides or motorcycles (even if street legal).
  • Vehicles blocking gates will be towed at owners' expense.
  • Rock hounding, digging, gold panning, or removal of any rocks or minerals is prohibited.
  • No target or skeet shooting.
  • No trapping.

The industrial fire season is set by the State of Washington Department of Natural Resources and the Oregon Department of Forestry. The Industrial Fire Precaution Levels (IFPLs) are an activity closure system to reduce wildfire risk. Please check with your State's Forestry Department for information pertaining to the state designated fire season and the current Industrial Fire Precaution Levels (IFPLs). The state designated fire season may be extended at any time depending on the conditions. State websites can be found here. Campfires are prohibited in the permit areas during the industrial fire season even if local fire districts lift a burn ban. permit areas will be closed at an Industrial Fire Precaution Level 4.

Each vehicle in the permit area is required to carry the following fire tools during the industrial fire season:

  • Pointed Shovel

  • 5-lb. or larger ABC-rated fire extinguisher in working condition

  • Axe or Pulaski with a 26” handle or longer

  • No target shooting, skeet shooting, exploding targets, paintball or airsoft guns.
  • No removal of any type of Christmas tree or noble fir boughs.
  • No side-by-sides, ATVs, ORVs, dune buggies, motorcycles, snowmobiles and similar motorized conveyances, EVEN IF street legal, and not even on a trailer or in the back of a truck.
  • No removing forest products from the permit or Lease Area with the exception of berries, mushrooms and firewood for personal use as outlined in the recreational access permit Language. Personal Use is considered 3 gallons of berries per permittee per year and 5 gallons of mushrooms per permittee per year.
  • A maximum of two cords of firewood per permit may be removed from the permit Area subject to the recreational access permit Agreement Terms, Rules and Regulations.
  • No rock hounding, digging, gold panning, or removal of any rocks or minerals.
  • No disturbing any cultural artifacts.
  • No fireworks are allowed.
  • No smoking is allowed, except in vehicles.
  • No alcohol, marijuana or illegal drugs are allowed.
  • Do not harm trees in any way. Do not place any nails, screws, or other metal objects in trees. If you damage trees, you will have to pay three times the value as compensation.
  • No trapping.


Special Forest Products (SFP) is a term used to describe some of the vegetative material found in the Timberlands. They include grasses, seeds, roots, bark, berries, mosses, greenery (fern fronds, salal, huckleberry, etc.), edible mushrooms, tree seedlings, Christmas trees, transplants, poles, posts, and firewood. No Special Forest Products can be removed (other than firewood, mushrooms and berries for personal consumption; see the sample recreational access permit Language for full terms.

Permittee may pick berries (limit of 3 gallons per permit per year) and mushrooms (limit 5 gallons per permit per year) for personal consumption only. permittee may not be in procession/ transport more than 1 gallon of berries and mushrooms at a time. No transporting of berries or mushrooms from other property across Weyerhaeuser property.

When available, a maximum of two cords of firewood per permit may be removed from the permit area with a recreation access permit. Subject to the following:

  • Firewood is for personal use only.
  • During fire season (see question "what is fire season and what do I need to know about it"), no chainsaws or motorized splitters are allowed.
  • You may remove chunks (maximum 3’) for firewood.
  • Do not cut logs longer than 12’.
  • No cutting in active harvest units.
  • Do not cut standing trees or snags.
  • Do not cut fallen trees in riparian buffers along creeks and rivers. State law requires that nothing be removed from these buffers.
  • Do not drag or skid logs out of harvest units or otherwise damage seedlings. • Do not block roads or ditches with vehicles or woody debris.
  • Vehicles must remain on rocked roads at all times.
  • No cedar or Pacific Yew can be removed from the Permit Area.
  • Permittee may purchase additional cords of firewood when available on our website.
  • Non-motorized (day use) recreation access permits do not include firewood.

With the purchase of a motorized recreational access permit, dispersed camping is allowed in all permit areas. Non-motorized permits are for day use only. All campers must stay in their campsites until the designated permit entry times of 1.5 hours before sunrise to 1.5 hours after sunset. No driving around after dark. Each camp must clearly post their permit number (handwritten or a copy of the hang tag). Read the recreational access permit language for additional rules related to camping.

Campfires are allowed only at campsites outside of the State regulated fire season. Please check with your State's Forestry Department website Or https://www.oregon.gov/odf/fire/pages/restrictions.aspx for information relating to fire season and the Industrial Fire Precaution Levels (IFPLs). Fire season may be extended at any time depending on the conditions.

  • Fires must be less than 3’ in diameter and surrounded by a 2’ ring of bare soil.
  • Fires must be completely extinguished using water or foam when campfires are unattended.
  • Permittee must have fire tools with them when having a camp fire in the permit area, even if it’s no longer fire season. Fire tools include, a pointed shovel, an axe or Pulaski, and a properly functioning U.L.-approved fire extinguisher 5-pound ABC minimum rating.

Lost or stolen keys and hang tags or maps may not be replaced. It is very important to take care of your permit items, however, accidents do happen, so if you lose your key or hang tag please email NorthwestAdmin@weyerhaeuser.com immediately and we will consider replacing the lost key or hang tag. There is a $50 fee to replace a lost or stolen key or hang tag. Weyerhaeuser reserves the right to deny replacement requests. We recommend you keep your key along with your car keys and never leave your permit items unattended or in your vehicle. You are responsible for these items, even if they are stolen.

Each permit holder is responsible for their own safety and for handling an emergency. Have a plan of what to do in case you need assistance. Have a method of communication, check-in process and make certain that your vehicle is in good condition. Cell coverage is spotty and not always reliable. Weyerhaeuser personnel are frequently unavailable, so you cannot expect Weyerhaeuser to rescue you. For a medical emergency, you should contact emergency services.

Use of drones of all types (commercial, recreational, etc.) are strictly prohibited on or about the permit area.

Email trespass information to the appropriate contact area. It is important to get a vehicle description and license plate # if a motorized vehicle is involved, or other identifying information if it is a non-motorized trespass. Always remember to be safe.

Dogs not used for pursuit and/or hunting small game are welcome on the property as long as you can control them at all times – verbally, leashes, or by using collars. The use of dogs for pursuit or hunting small game is only allowed in the permit areas December 1 – March 15, as authorized by State and local hunting regulations. Weyerhaeuser permits are for personal use only and do not allow any commercial sales of animal fur/pelts. Upland game bird and waterfowl hunting are allowed per the state designated hunting seasons and regulations.

If you would like to report an issue with a recreation lock or designated access gate, please email Weyerhaeuser by going to Contact Us and selecting your state and permit area. Please indicate the gate or road name where you have identified the issue as well as the date and time you experienced this issue. For reference, the gate names are listed on your permit map.

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