Southern Region Food Plot Program

Food plots are a good supplemental food source for wildlife and provide many benefits including:  

  • Improving the overall habitat quality of your hunting lease by increasing the amount of high quality forage
  • Providing permanent openings which increase habitat diversity in forested landscapes
  • Providing the hunter with more time to view animals, facilitating better harvest decisions

No Fee Food Plots

Clubs can plant food plots at no charge in areas on their lease such as old logging decks, rows where timber has been removed following timber thinning, and powerline rights-of-way. However, these no fee plots receive no protection from forest management activities, including timber harvest or aerial spraying of herbicides. Additionally, many of these no fee areas may be replanted in pine when the surrounding area is cut and replanted. 

*Notice: Food plots or any hunting activity that results in tillage or digging on rights-of-ways that carry gas lines, oil lines, or large water lines servicing municipalities must be approved in advance by the Weyerhaeuser Recreational Lease Manager in your area.

Food Plot Rentals

Clubs desiring to protect existing food plots or add more food plot acres than the no fee option allows, may enroll these areas in our Food Plot Rental Program. Upon approval, these acres will be protected from forest management activities. Please read below for program details, pricing, and request form.


  • Be aware that enrollment in the food plot rental program is a long-term commitment. Clubs cannot dis-enroll a plot unless it can be incorporated into an adjacent timber plantation. In many cases, this could require clubs to pay for the food plot for 25 years or more.

  • Clubs are responsible for the clearing, planting, and maintenance of food plots. At a minimum, clubs should mow plots annually.

  • Clubs must request a minimum of 2 total acres of rental food plots (note: small clubs leasing less than 200 acres may request a minimum of one acre).

  • Each individual food plot must be a minimum of ½ acre. Plots less than ½ acre will be charged for a full ½ acre.

  • Food plots must be approximately square shaped, round, or rectangular. Food plots which are extremely long/linear or which have complex shapes cannot be protected from aerial forest treatments and will not be approved.

  • Food plots should be situated on flat or nearly flat terrain to prevent erosion.

  • Food plots should be located at least 50 feet away from any stream, pond, or other sensitive site.

  • Enlargement of any food plot without prior approval will result in penalties to include loss of timber and future timber revenue.

  • Clubs are responsible for any site damage caused by inappropriate clearing practices.

  • Once approved, the club will be mailed signs to post around the food plot. These signs must be installed to help prevent damage to the site.

  • Weyerhaeuser reserves the right to deny any request and impose additional conditions and/or obligations associated with the food plot in Weyerhaeuser’s sole and absolute discretion. In addition, Weyerhaeuser may terminate the food plot at any time for any or no reason with at least a 5-day notice to the club.

Weyerhaeuser will determine the food plot rental fees which will be added to the overall price of the current Lease. Rates are subject to change.

Food Plot Rental Fees 
Food Plot Location Yearly Rental Cost
An area has been clear-cut, but not site prepped or planted $120/acre/year
An area has been site prepped or has trees up to 2 years of age $160/acre/year



  1. On your hunting lease, heavily flag the perimeter of each food plot you would like to create.
  2. Please gather the following information prior to submitting the online request form:
    • The number of food plots you are requesting.
    • Calculate the area of each food plot to the nearest 1/10th of an acre. Remember, each plot should be a minimum of ½ acre. Area may be calculated using a GPS or by measuring the length and width of the plot location. (For reference: One acre equals 43,560 ft². A square - plot that is 210 feet on each side is 1 acre in size. A food plot that is 435 feet long and 100 feet wide is 1 acre in size).
    • Specify the latitude and longitude of all four corner points of the requested food plot. The use of a GPS/smart phone app may be needed to determine the latitude/longitude of each corner of the plot.
    • An electronic map must be provided.  Mark and label the location of each food plot on your map.  The food plot label on your map must match the food plot label you supply on the request form.
  3. Submit your food plot request and electronic map by filling out the form linked at the bottom of this webpage.
  4. Weyerhaeuser personnel will review and inspect food plot rental requests in the order received. Please note, requests may take several weeks to process. Once processed, you will be contacted with notification either to proceed with planting or notified of needed adjustments. We strongly recommend clubs submit their request as soon as the clear-cut harvest is complete.

Ready to enroll?

Please read the information presented in the section headings above before proceeding to the Food Plot Rental Request Form. Only primary lease contacts can submit a request for enrollment in the Food Plot Rental Program. If you are the primary contact for a lease, please click here to login to your account and submit your food plot request.

Submit Food Plot Request

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