Southern Region Food Plot Program

Food plots are a good supplemental food source for wildlife and provide many benefits including:  

  • Improving the overall habitat quality of your hunting lease by increasing the amount of high quality forage
  • Providing permanent openings which increase habitat diversity in forested landscapes
  • Providing the hunter with more time to view animals, facilitating better harvest decisions

No Fee Food Plots

Clubs can plant food plots at no charge in areas on their lease such as old logging decks, rows where timber has been removed following timber thinning, and powerline rights-of-way. However, these no fee plots receive no protection from forest management activities, including timber harvest or aerial spraying of herbicides. Additionally, many of these no fee areas may be replanted in pine when the surrounding area is cut and replanted. 

*Notice: Food plots or any hunting activity that results in tillage or digging on rights-of-ways that carry gas lines, oil lines, or large water lines servicing municipalities must be approved in advance by the Weyerhaeuser Recreational Lease Manager in your area.

Food Plot Rentals

Clubs desiring to protect existing food plots or add more food plot acres than the no fee option allows, may enroll these areas in our Food Plot Rental Program. Upon approval, these acres will be protected from forest management activities. Please read below for program details, pricing, and request form.

Ready to enroll?

Please read the information presented in the section headings above before proceeding to the Food Plot Rental Request Form. Only primary lease contacts can submit a request for enrollment in the Food Plot Rental Program. If you are the primary contact for a lease, please click here to login to your account and submit your food plot request.

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