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All leases must be obtained through the online request process on our website. Click on the “View Details” button listed on each lease for additional property details, map views, and location information to visit the property for your own evaluation before requesting the lease. After determining that you want to lease the property, please return to the website and click the “Lease Now” button. Our website will walk you through the lease request process. You will have 30 minutes to complete the request process once you click on the LEASE NOW button. If you do not complete the request within 30 minutes, the lease will automatically reset to “available” status on our website.

Within 3 business days of online lease request, a contract will be issued to you for acceptance and payment. The contract must be accepted and the full lease payment must be received prior to conducting any hunting or hunting related activities on the property.

You may visit the property at your convenience. You do NOT need prior permission or an appointment to visit the property. Due to the large number of properties we manage, we are not able to meet every prospective lessee on the property for a personal tour. Most of our properties will have locked gates and you will need to access the property on foot.

Alternatively, at your sole discretion, you may elect to use an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) to survey the property – subject to the following restrictions and obligations:

  • You must operate the ATV only on established roads
  • You must operate the ATV only during daylight hours
  • You assume all risk of injury or death associated with operation of the ATV

If a property you are interested in leasing is not currently posted on our website, then it is not available for lease at this time. Please continue to check our website or sign up to be notified of future opportunities. Similarly, available leases are immediately removed from our website when requested. If the requester does not pay for the lease within the 7 business day payment window, it will be reposted to the website as available again.

Most of our properties are posted to the website May through late August. A few properties may become available later in the year or after deer season at the beginning of the next year. If a property you are interested in is not listed on our website, then it is not available to lease for the current lease year. Please continue to check our website or sign up to be notified of future opportunities.

For your convenience, Weyerhaeuser offers a secure and easy-to-use online payment system. Payment can be made electronically through your Weyerhaeuser online account by electronic funds transfer (EFT) from your checking or savings account or by credit card. You will need to know your bank account number, routing number and name on account to complete the EFT payment. We also accept mail-in payments in the form of a cashier’s check or money order ONLY – no personal or corporate checks will be accepted.

Within 3 business days of your lease request, you will receive an email notice with information on how to view, accept and pay for your lease contract through your online account. Your completed lease contract and payment must be received within 7 days of contract creation. We recommend accepting and paying for your lease electronically through your online account, but if you choose to mail your payment in, we strongly recommend you select overnight or next day mail service to ensure timely arrival.

Subleasing, commercial hunting, or selling of hunting rights is not allowed. Subleasing will result in cancellation of the lease.

If you are leasing a property and it sells, the lease will terminate and you will receive a pro-rated refund of your lease fees per the terms of your lease contract. You will also receive priority status for selecting a new lease next year when we post available leases. Priority Status means you will be given a chance to preview and lease available properties before the general public is allowed to lease them.

Ladder stands, lock-on, climbing, and tripod or other freestanding stands are allowed. No nails or other objects may be driven into any tree for any reason. Stands placed alongside roadways cannot impede traffic or road/ditch maintenance and should be placed with safety in mind for adjacent landowners. Cooperate with adjoining leases and private landowners on stand placement along your boundaries to ensure safety and to avoid potential conflict. Finally, if you are aware of timber harvesting or planting activity in a particular area on your lease, take the initiative to move stands to other areas in order to prevent potential damage to your stands.

Camping is permitted in our southern region in accordance with the campsite policy found on our website. A campsite request form must be submitted and approved in writing by the area lease manager prior to setting up a permanent camp. To request a new campsite location or to review our camping policy, please visit the Camping Program section of our website. Camping is permitted in the northwest region in accordance with the terms specified within the northwest lease agreement.

Weyerhaeuser maintains a liability insurance policy that covers both Weyerhaeuser and the lessee. The cost of this policy is included in the lease fee. However, you are free to purchase additional insurance coverage should you so desire.

Leaseholders in good standing are usually offered the option to re-lease the property. Weyerhaeuser has leaseholders that have leased land for decades.

Posting is allowed in accordance with the requirements set forth in the lease agreement.

No commercial trees can be cut for any reason. Lessees can cut hardwood brush that is in pine stands but may not cut hardwood brush in hardwood stands. If you are in doubt as to whether the plants in question are commercial trees or brush, do not cut.

Food plots are prohibited on leases located in OR and WA. Establishing temporary food plots as a supplemental food source for wildlife is permitted in our southern region after receiving written approval from the area lease manager. Clubs may plant old logging decks, natural openings and powerlines that are internal to your lease, or other areas that can be planted without causing damage to trees. Planting of road beds or road shoulders is prohibited. Gas line ROW’s can be used once obtaining approval and location from gas line officials. Temporary food plots receive no protection from timber operations and may become damaged or destroyed. Alternatively, Weyerhaeuser provides a food plot rental program for construction of permanent food plots. To request a permanent food plot location or to review our food plot policy, please visit the Food Plot Program section of our website.

Timber harvest can take place at any time during the year; including deer season. Weyerhaeuser reserves the right to harvest timber or conduct other forest management activities (such as site preparation, tree planting, spraying) on leased property during hunting seasons. In January, we email notification of timber harvest activities planned for the current calendar year. If harvest plans change throughout the year, we email notification of the change as soon as possible. Lessees should be aware that Weyerhaeuser property is a working forest and, from time to time, ongoing forest management activities may impact your hunting.

All gates must meet regional specifications and need prior approval. For approval and specifications, please contact your lease manager. Chains or cables can never be used as a gate. Single strand fencing, such as barbed wire cannot be used. In general, gates should be set back from road intersections a minimum of 70-100 feet and be a minimum of 16-20 feet wide. This will allow large equipment trucks to safely turn off of public roads and straighten before reaching and passing through the gate area. Similarly, gates should be placed in road straight-away and not be placed immediately before/after significant curves in the road.

If the property is gated with a chain, be prepared to add your lock to the existing chain while making sure all other locks stay in the same loop. Weyerhaeuser will maintain our own lock on the gate. We do not provide lessees with keys to our locks. To minimize the likelihood of lockouts, please locate your lock as far away as possible from the Weyerhaeuser lock. For identification, we ask that you paint your lock “blaze” orange. If the road that is gated does not extend beyond your lease (your lease area is the only property serviced by the road), the only locks which should be on the gate are the Weyerhaeuser lock, your club’s lock, and occasionally other locks, such as utility companies. Oftentimes, your club may share a road with other landowners or other Weyerhaeuser clubs. Please do not cut or otherwise disable any locks until you are certain which locks can be removed from a gate.

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