Southern Region Campsite Program

For many people, an opportunity to camp is an important part of a quality hunting experience. To satisfy this request, Weyerhaeuser has developed a program that accommodates a wide range of camping preferences. Our program is founded upon three key principles: safety, aesthetics and compliance with all laws. Please read and follow all program guidelines to ensure that camping privileges remain available for your future enjoyment.

To designate a new campsite or to notify us of a pre-existing campsite that is not currently associated with your lease, please complete the request form and email it to your Lease Administrator. If you have any questions, please contact our Lease Support Team at 1-855-248-6872 for assistance.

Camping Options

We offer you 2 options to camp – "No Trace" and "Designated" as summarized below:

 No-Trace CampingDesignated Camping
Requires Formal Registration?NoYes
Primary Requirements
  • No designated camp site
  • Remove all camping equipment from the lease at end of each hunting trip
  • A designated space is assigned and registered
  • Camping equipment may remain on site between hunting trips
  • Rental fees apply, depending on space requirements and duration of camper / structure stay (i.e. year-round)
Equipment AllowedCamper trailers, RV’s or tentsCamper trailers, RV’s or tents
Annual CostNo Fees
  1. Campsite Fee - $200/acre, assessed in ¼ acre increments.
  2. Camper / Structure Fee - $200 for each camper that remains on site between June 1 and July 31.
Free items allowed at no additional costA sign-in/out board & deer hanging rackA sign-in/out board, deer hanging rack, generator cover & Club Community Structure* (as defined below)
Important Note:Weyerhaeuser conducts routine campsite audits to ensure compliance with all guidelines. Failure to accurately report campsite information (location, acreage & # of year-round structures) will result in penalties double the normal fee amounts and potential loss of future camping privileges. Likewise, any materials left on-site after NO-TRACE camping, will result in a penalty of double the per acre campsite fee and potential loss of camping privileges.

*Club Community Structure – To provide hunters a covered meeting shelter for added camaraderie, each club may erect one (1) structure of no greater than 400 square feet in size. This structure may have a roof and not more than 3 fixed exterior sides (walls) over a bare soil floor surface (no wooden flooring or concrete slabs allowed). This structure may be used for off-season equipment storage, but the 4th side must remain open at all times (no tarps). This community structure is expected to serve the entire hunting club/camp; thus only 1 structure per approved campsite is allowed.

General Camping Guidelines

Follow these guidelines for ALL camp types, “No Trace” and “Designated”:

  • Camper trailers / structures must be maintained in a safe and sanitary manner to comply with all federal, state and local laws, ordinances, restrictions, and regulations, including any regulatory measures related to sewage discharge.
  • The campsite must be kept in an extremely neat condition. Debris must be removed at the end of each camping trip.
  • Service and maintenance of motorized vehicles, ATV’s or other equipment is NOT allowed on Weyerhaeuser land.
  • Campfires are normally permitted, but are subject to ban during hazardous conditions that prevent safe use. Contain all campfires within a fire ring and fully extinguish all embers before leaving the campsite.
  • Locate your camp away from the view of public roads, as this will greatly reduce the likelihood of any vandalism.
  • Once the “out of view” requirement is met, establish your camp as close to public access as possible. Locating a camp deep into your lease can negatively impact hunting, and it may not be readily accessible during wet-weather events without causing damage to woods roads. Remember, all “Designated Campsites” require advance approval from Weyerhaeuser before setup and use.


Clubs requesting a Designated Campsite must report their campsite location by providing GPS latitude/longitude coordinates AND by making a copy of your lease map and marking the campsite location with an X.

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