Weyerhaeuser’s land portfolio is unmatched in diversity and geographical spread. Likewise, recreational users of our forests seek fulfillment of a wide range of interests. Some come for quiet escapes from workday stress in a wild, scenic environment. Others come to pursue quality natural food sources through hunting, fishing and berry picking. And some are attracted by outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, running or cross-country skiing.

Getting back to nature takes on many forms, whether pursued individually or with family and friends. At Weyerhaeuser, we appreciate that a singular approach does not fit well across the entire country. For that reason, we designed our programs to appeal to a wide variety of users, satisfying key needs and preferences while aligning with social customs and cultural values of communities where we operate. We also endeavor to minimize unwanted and unsafe activities such as poaching, arson, vandalism and trash dumping.

To this end, Weyerhaeuser access opportunities vary by state and region, with three primary options for accessing our land.


Leases provide users with exclusive recreational access to a specific property – usually year-round – for a variety of benefits. Families, individuals or groups looking to manage their experience and get away from crowds will appreciate this option.

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Permits allow simple access to much larger acreages and wider-scale opportunities than leases, while retaining much of the exclusivity benefit. Looking for a 50,000-acre family playground shared with only a limited number of other users? This option fits your bill. You’ll gain year-round vehicle access to large block ownership, along with amenity opportunities for gathering firewood, wild berries and mushrooms.

If your goal is elk hunting, a recreational permit provides you ample space to intercept herds within their expansive home ranges. And, for those interested in a lower-cost option, walk-in only permits are offered for most Weyerhaeuser permit areas.

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Open Lands

Open Lands is our third option offered to recreational users. Some of our properties have shared access roads, are closely intermingled with public land or are enrolled in government-sponsored access programs such as Wildlife Management Areas. Many of these opportunities are zero-cost – or require only an additional wildlife agency stamp in conjunction with a hunting license purchase.

Open Lands typically do not include vehicular access permission but may still represent great recreational opportunities for users who put in extra work to find and reach remote areas off the beaten path.

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